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Top Tips For Summer Boiler Maintenance In Lancashire

The start of summer is here and it is time to prepare for the highest temperatures that we will experience throughout the year. Now is the ideal time to wind down your boiler usage and thankfully save on energy bills over the next few months. However, even though many homeowners have already taken the decision to shut down their heating systems for the warmer months, you shouldn’t neglect maintenance.

There are a few things you should take into consideration now you don’t need the heating on, so that you can keep your boiler performing optimally when it inevitably becomes time to turn the thermostat back up!

The Bleedin’ Radiators!

Over time air bubbles can become trapped in your heating system, causing inefficiencies and a loss of heat. The most obvious sign this is happening is that your radiators will underperform while the heating is running. You may find that you have ‘cold spots’ or that the radiator as a whole is not becoming as hot as you are used to.

Bleeding your radiators allows you to release trapped air, and is a simple way of rapidly improving the performance of your heating system. We advise that you carry this out once every year to ensure less stress is placed upon them.

Hygienic Heating!

Cleaning your heating system is tricky during the colder months, when your boiler is in full swing and your heating elements are hot to the touch. Summer is the ideal time to carry out some maintenance cleaning, which can improve efficiency up to 15%.

Whether you attempt this yourself or hire a professional, ensure the areas around your boiler and radiators are diligently dusted, swept and wiped down to reap the rewards later this year.

Beat The Rush!

Your heating system should be serviced at least once a year and what better time than when you don’t actually need it running! If an engineer finds a fault with your boiler that needs significant repairs, you’d rather find that out now than during the colder months.

As the seasons start to change, we find the demand for servicing and repairs begins to rocket, so it is a smart idea to beat the rush and book a servicing with a trustworthy, accredited provider. Our registered heating engineers can come to your home to carry out a process of checks at a time that is convenient to you, to ensure your boiler is running correctly as part of our HomeCover 365 package. Find out more by calling our team or visit us at!

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